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  1. Rude behavior while talking with customers

    Disappointed…very very bad service. Dont know how to talk, no manners at all. Guys you have to learn some Etiquette and manners to behave. You are in service industry. Dont show tantrums to your customers. We are here to buy your products not to handle your tantrums.

  2. Excellent service

    Bought my 2012 Prius, very reliable and good finance rate.


    Went there because I was referred by a friend. Friendly bunch of people. Cars are well presented. We found what we were looking for. Keep it up!

  4. Good people

    Excellent firendly service.

  5. WOW that’s not good! You advertise your cars up and down. Was interested but one minute it’s 8995, then 9k then 14.5k then 12k WTH???

  6. Cheap quality cars - Think before u buy

    Car started to show its issues in about a month of buying (looks like parts were changed before handing the car to me). When you call them I was told we are busy and cannot fix it and asked me to take it to a mechanic, where I even was sold with 90 months warranty for any mechanical related issues. Very disappointed with IV Cars. Would recommend someone else rather then these guys as presentation is good but quality is cheap.

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