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  1. Sadly Disappointed

    Otahuhu Store: The younger staff was very friendly and accommodating unfortunately the elderly gentle men in the store was not, I felt like he did not really care what I had to say about what I needed in order to feel confident about the suit I like to wear.
    I gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway, only to have my fears proven correct, my suit did not fit me properly everything did not sit correctly it was very baggy and loose and the number of buttons requested was not met either, he did not measure me accurately initially but took a all-ready made suit jacket from the rack and used it as a base to create my suit, for a quick mass production suit this place I will probably recommend but is unfairly pricey for the type of service and product I received but for professional tailoring I would strongly advise to invest else where.
    I am sadly disappointed as this place was highly recommended by a friend.

    I hope this service will improve in the future.

    Kind Regards

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