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  1. Judgemental & Non-sensical

    My mother and I went in to ask about a dress and top to be made out of fabrics from their store. The woman who was serving us was really rude and her price quotes didn’t make sense.

    The top that I asked to be made (a Glassons top that I liked the design of) she asked if it was a dress and asked if I could fit it. I didn’t see how this was relevant as I simply wanted a replica made of the item but with new fabric from their store. I did inform her that I did indeed fit the top and wore it often, which was reason why I wanted it in a new fabric as I loved the style and fit.

    When she quoted the price to have it made in the shop fabric would be $85 we asked for a break down of the price and we didn’t understand why 3 metres of fabric would be needed. She then asked again if it was a dress or top which was confusing because I wanted a replica of the top – and it shouldn’t matter if it’s a dress or top because I wanted what I had brought in to be made with new fabric. She got annoyed when we asked why the question was brought up again and then said she couldn’t make the item.

    I honestly felt that because we were asking about price she got caught out because she couldn’t explain her price. It also didn’t make sense, her price, because the fabric was only $8 per metre and she was trying to say we needed 3 metres – the top did not need so much fabric… I also feel because we were plus size woman she felt she could justify the high price and her asking if I fit the item was also judgemental and unnecessary – why does it matter if I fit the top or not? If I want something made that is exactly like the item I bring in, why should there be a discussion about the fit??

    Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend going here to anyone, especially plus sized individuals.

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